rock bands to film scores

versatile guitarist and compositions

Frank Grullon is a music composer and guitarist best known for seamlessly blending stylistic elements to create emotionally engaging compositions. His versatile 20 years in the industry has earned him expertise in bands, film, theater, dance, television, and advertising. His broad breadth of mediums and experience has lead him to receive industry acclaim for his scores featured in the AOL webseries “Inspired”, feature films “Fists of Love” and “Unspoken”, Off- Broadway musical “I Don <3 U N e Mor”, Off-Broadway play “Rough Draft”, dance piece “Roadkill”, short film “Insomnia”, and the Off-Broadway play “Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge”, among other various showcases, short films, and advertisements. He also spent over 10 years touring with various rock bands including Shadows Lie and The August Infinity in New York City. 

He’s like the next John Williams

Daryl Denner 

-film director

A challenging, creative, and unique work with sound that compliments the production

ryan mikita

– review of “Rough Draft”