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Frank Grullon is a music composer, producer, and audio engineer best known for seamlessly blending stylistic elements to create emotionally engaging compositions.  His versatile 17 years in the industry has earned him expertise in film, theater, dance, television, and advertising.  His broad breadth of mediums and experience has lead him to be a former senior engineer at the Nashville Music Doctor and receive industry acclaim for his scores featured in the AOL webseries “Inspired”, feature film “Fists of Love”, Off-Broadway musical “I Don <3 U N e Mor”, short film “Insomnia”, and the Off-Broadway play “Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge”, among other various showcases, short films, and advertisements.  In addition to these scoring projects, Frank has co-written and produced several artists in New York City and Nashville.


Frank began his music career at Florida Atlantic University while studying classical guitar performance.   In college he worked with the band Anodize which integrated electronic, progressive, classical, and rock elements into one cohesive signature sound.  This experience is what shaped his future musical approach to composition.  After college, Frank briefly joined, then left the band The Ottoman Empire, later known as Luna Mortis, to move to New York City where he joined the electro/rock band Shadows Lie and began touring the country for several years.  During this time Frank began to learn and master the aspects of music production.  Frank returned to Manhattan after touring, and began performing with the rock band The August Infinity.  He co-produced an EP release entitled “To Whom It May Concern”.  Because of his unexpected rapid success in studio work, Grullon made the decision to leave the band and focus solely on songwriting/composition for a variety of other artists and media platforms.


In 2009 Frank composed his first short film “Cobra Blood Cocktail”.  He was then hired to compose the musical “I Don <3 U Ne Mor”, which earned a successful Off-Broadway run at the Lucille Lortel Theater in New York City in 2010.  From this success he began to compose a series of showcases and cabarets throughout NYC.  In 2012, Frank was hired to compose a full orchestral score to accompany the play “Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge”, which premiered at the New Jersey State Museum.  To date, Frank Grullon has done work with Improbable Stage Company, independent filmmakers for projects such as the feature film “Fists of Love”, and AOL for the introduction music to their new web series “Inspired”.


Frank Grullon continues to compose, produce, and mix music for a diverse clientele base and a variety of different mediums.



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Music composer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who writes for a variety of media including films, theatre, dance, television, advertising, and video games

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